Renault Showroom

With Renault Showroom, we wanted to create an edgy feel to the project as the main concept was derived from the container shape and form. We accessed the project by fixating on the aspects of automobile that people connect themselves with, which is “speed” and its “Dynamic” look combined with Renault company logo which led us to the colored strips concepts. Epoxy painted floors with shades of yellow, orange, green and purple. As well as painted house sun shader figures to resemble the houses of people and give a sense of ownership to the cars which were presented with corrugated sheets form.

On every color strip stood a car and each car was on a different grid to forge the sense of movement that we always relate cars to. Projectors and clean pendants were used as the focus was on the car itself and the right amount of light needed to exhibit the premium car quality. Our Renault showroom was awarded “Best Automobile Showroom for 2015.”

Project Year: 2015

Project Status: Opening

Project Location: Amman, Jordan


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