With Amazon, we wanted to create a certain mood to the offices that would provide comfort as well as a sense of an eye pleasing atmosphere that would encourage the employee to a healthy, soothing work environment and add a fun lively twist with the use of vivid colors for every different room. Desso Grey carpet tiles were used throughout the project as well as acoustic ceiling tiles that will decrease the noise intensity. As for the kitchen, anti slip floor tiles were used with the yellow kitchen background to emphasize the vibrant atmosphere and the logo color while the countertops were industrial birzeit marble tops. Opposite to the kitchen is the break area with white tables and charles Eames chairs. The idea was to create a signature exciting color for each room to change moods and encourage a fun atmosphere. Cool lighting 60x60 was distributed across the offices.

At the end of the corridor, we wanted to create the company’s color scheme and emphasize the color of the logo by the yellow painted wall that is visible across the project. The reception counter is made of wood painted with white polyester and Grey Laminam tile to create contrast in a modern exciting touch.

Project Year: 2017

Project Status: Opening

Project Location: Sweifieh, Amman


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