Al Raqi Residence II

With Villa Al Raqi, we wanted to create a luxurious atmosphere in neo classic theme that would identify the general look of the villa making it a work of art. As we fixed the classic designed chandelier in a modern brass sphere as well as the classic kapitone with a vibrant luxurious white. The generic perforated brass wall that separates between the dinning area from the living space where walnut cladding adds a grand touch to it.

The materials were a mix of calacatta marble, vivid american walnut wood and shades of brass as well as white created a lively, novel atmosphere to the villa as well as an extravagant mood to it. The grey-ish black dinning table is a statement of the lavish, and upscale design we were aiming at. The bedrooms gave a warm atmosphere with the hidden lights behind the bed as well as the light walnut wood and white flooring while keeping the deluxe overall look.

Project Year: 2017

Project Status: Under Construction

Project Location: Sudan


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